Clive PiG's Tale

Clive PiG - Mister Storyfella is a storyteller, songsta, poet and potato juggler. Born in St. Albans, Hertfordshire, UK, he attended the Muriel Green Nursery School.

Since the age of 5 when he stood on stage at a Butlin's holiday camp and sang a song made up on the spot, Clive has been performing, creating and entertaining in one form or another. Brought up in a house next to the gasworks, on summer evenings he'd perch in a pear tree penning poems while steam trains rattled by.

Never one to miss out on a lead part in a school play or Gang Show, when punk hit the 70's it was the crucible fusing action and words. In the heady foment of that DIY revolution he created Xeroxed zines, postcard poems and cassettes of songs written on his sister's guitar.

He formed a band, Clive PiG and the Hopeful Chinamen, and his first single Happy Birthday Sweet 16 was a New Wave cult classic. Subsequently as a singer-songwriter he toured the USA and Canada and released 3 albums.

In between times he studied mime and physical theatre in London and Paris which subsequently led him into Theatre-in-Education, Community Arts, Children's Theatre and a one man show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Nowadays he's wound up slap bang in the middle of the wild and wacky West Country dwelling beneath circling buzzards and cackling ravens on the edge of Dartmoor.

Living in this land of myths and legend is a constant challenge. Crossing the river to get to the shops without being accosted by Cutty Dyer, the ogre who lives under the bridge can be a tricky business. Driving across the moor and not being molested by the Hairy Hands is a feat most people don't have to worry about in their daily lives.

Still, Clive does manage to roam far and wide without mishap most days of the year.

For over forty years he's told tales, sung songs and spouted poetry at thousands of events and venues including schools, festivals, deep dark woods, haunted castles, No 10 Downing Street and Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan.

Globetrotting Mr. PiG has plied his trade in Argentina, Canada, Germany, Indonesia, Jordan, Malaysia, Morocco, the Netherlands, Peru, the Philippines, Russia, South Korea, Thailand, Turkey and the U.S.

This travelling talesman, pedlar of poetry and thoroughly modern troubadour is equally happy to sit by a fire sharing a tale or two with you and your friends or perform on a stage for hundreds of eager ears.

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